I’m in Mammoth…

Some road trip excitement on the drive up Monday: saw a pickup truck w/ trailer totally in flames on 395 in Lone Pine. Looked like an electrical wire broke & fell on it, causing a MASSIVE fire…lots of CHP, fire trucks & utility repair trucks. Added 20 min. to the drive.On to fishing…

THE GOOD: Dixie Chicks come through again! Crooked Creek – one 21″ rainbow (streamer) and one 16″ brown (dropper). Weather & water were very nice…caught Mr. Big at 2pm about 100 yards from launch spot.

THE BAD: Got a late start – got to Sandy Point at 8:45, on the water at 9am, blown off by 9:45. MAJOR wind; paddled straight in to shore & walked back to my truck. White caps by 10am. Amazing. Boat fishermen hung in there.

THE UGLY: Alligator Point is chock full of WEEDS! Checked it out yesterday around 6pm. Paddled out 50+ yards – still major weeds. The Bud Lite was sure tasty, though.


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