Adventures at Crowley Lake

A BIG THANKS to Mr. & Mrs. Takata for letting me stay in their condo.
On Friday guest #2 arrives: Harry O., who’s coming up for the weekend.

Got off to a good start this morning – out of the condo by 7am, filled up my coffee cup and grabbed a toasted bagel at the shop down the street (I forget the name, but Sue likes to go there).

Another clear, beautiful Mammoth summer morning…

But shock, horror! Forgot my CD case!

So, no Dixie Chicks CD = bad luck for fishing. Might as well have eaten a banana. Too late to turn back.

…and then, the green metal gate on the dirt road to Green Banks is chained & locked!!!

Maybe this bachi or something?

Continuing on the road towards Alligator Point…

…another dirt access road to Crowley Lake!

This road dumps you off at the very north end of Green Banks, and hooks up with the main dirt road. (Mike: you can do some real off-roading here – there’s a short but big bumpy hill to climb).

It’s now 8am, and time to start fishing…

A retired guy from Ontario named Bob is there – nice guy, and he drives a clean ’83 Ford F-150, a cool truck.

It’s windy again, but not too bad. But no fish – hardly any bugs coming off the water…two boats caught a few, but sporadic.

So, pack it in at 10:30, and off to Crooked Creek again. Bob follows me out – seems that the gate was unlocked when he arrived, about 1/2 hour before me.

The water at Crooked Creek looks great – calm, and some bugs coming off the water.

Today’s fish story – hook into a BIG ONE. Strip in like crazy, and then it takes off to the left, then breaks off. It took the dropper – but nothing left beyond the streamer, not even a shred of tippet. Darn! But that’s the way it goes sometimes…

A 2nd hookup comes later: a 14″ rainbow, on the dropper. It sure had a lot of fight, more than yesterday’s brown.

End of another exciting day at Crowley. That Bud Lite was particularly tasty today (especially after the hike up from Crooked Creek to 395).


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