Montana Fly Fishing…

Mike showed me a cool book his folks and the Takata’s brought home from their recent vacation to West Yellowstone, Montana:“Yellowstone: Portraits of a Fly-Fishing Landscape,” by John Juracek.

Buy it on Their description:

Fly fishing is a tranquil and seductive sport, and John Juracek has captured moments that most evoke the subtle beauty of an angler in pursuit of trout and solitude.

Juracek immerses us in the wilds of the lakes and rivers of Yellowstone Park…where anglers come to connect with their passion for the mystery and aliveness of trout and the outdoors.

Yellowstone’s striking photography is a visual experience where anglers encounter big azure skies and dramatic sunrises on crisp autumn mornings — places where passion for a sport and beauty of the outdoors are an art form.

We’ve all met John, co-founder of our favorite fly fishing shop, Blue Ribbon Flies, thanks to fellow resident (and our friend & ‘fly fishing guide’), Ken Takata. John’s a good guy, and his fly fishing tips always deliver. Ditto for Ken.

John’s book is also sold locally — perhaps at The Book Peddler, on Canyon Street, across from our favorite eatery, The Silver Spur.

#4, anybody?


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