In a surprising commentary, Robert Hilburn, respected former pop music critic for the L.A. Times, slams Michael Jackson for his shameless race-card tactics against Sony Music’s Chairman, Thomas D. Mottola.Jackson’s credibility was not enhanced by enlisting the services of the Rev. Al Sharpton, considered a charlatan by many.

“The charge that Mottola is racist and that Sony penalizes black artists is troubling because it makes a mockery of all the legitimate complaints by scores of black artists from the early days of rock and R&B over poor royalty rates, bad publishing deals and the like.”

“While Jackson, who has what is believed to be the most lucrative contract in the music business, jets around the world and dines with Elizabeth Taylor, many of those veteran artists are still struggling to find the money to pay the month’s rent.”

“In trying to fix blame for his continuing career tailspin, Jackson seems to be pointing a finger at everyone but the one responsible: the man in the mirror.”

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