Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

After arriving in Mammoth last night, watching Spy Game with Cheryl and getting only a few hours sleep, Mike & I barely got out of the condo at 7:30am and made it to Crooked Creek, after Alan recommended we try it. How could we turn down advice from the master of fishing?A beautiful summer morning in Mammoth. We climbed down from highway 395, saw that the creek was low, and decided to “wade” & fish from shore.

The fishing Gods must have been smiling on us today. It was — no fish story — an all time best trip to Crowley.

Mike had 10 fish before I barely had my line wet. All were good size, averaging 17-18 inches.

Together we probably caught and released over 50 trout during the 4+ hours we fished. All were good size. Mike even caught a Mr. Big, about 21 inches long, after battling it out of the weeds.

The tacos, machaca con huevos and draft beers in frosty mugs at Roberto’s were especially tasty today…even without BF.


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