Beyond sushi

A concise and insightful article re: Japan’s political and economic woes — by Joichi Ito, whose blog is now included in the list at right.

Ageing Japan now faces a competitive Asian manufacturing sector and a shift in resource allocation in the economy towards the service sector. However, the domestic services sector is inefficient and unable to compete globally because it has grown up protected by the bureaucracy and, thus, never had to compete. The markets are dysfunctional and unable to reallocate resources.

…It is frightening to know that the collapse of brand-name corporations and the failure of the government to engage the people have largely caused many of the country’s youths to lose faith in the system.

Many have merely dropped out, but there is an increasing number of young Japanese organising themselves with the help of tools such as mobile phones and the Internet.

…The Internet, and the “blogs” (Web log services) in particular, provide opportunities for the passive Japanese public to wake up before the catastrophe. The Internet is also a way to enable the youth of Japan, currently silenced by the older generation and destined to get stuck with supporting them, to speak up and organise themselves before it is too late. This is critical both for themselves and for Japan as a whole.

Read the article (free registration req’d)


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