Michael Jordan played his last home game for the Washington Wizards Monday night. He is retiring (for good) to take a front office job for the Wizards as president of basketball operations and part owner. Though the Wizards lost 93-79 to the New York Knicks, Jordan scored a team-leading 21 points and grabbed 8 rebounds. Not bad for a 40 year-old guy. More importantly, Jordan played with the same passion and commitment to winning he’s displayed throughout his career. From the Washington Post:

“I can look at some marginal players around the league and say, ‘You know what? This kid may not be as talented, but his desire and passion is strong and he may be able to help a team like this on a consistent basis,’ ” said Jordan. “Maybe there’s a guy we feel who is a star, yet he doesn’t have the quality it takes to be a leader at practice, on the court, responding to the coach’s leadership and what he thinks. I would take 12 guys who had a strong passion to play this game over 12 stars who don’t respect the game.”



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