Sushi, Vegas & horses

Went to Kozan Restaurant in Torrance last night with the folks, who just came home from a Vegas trip. Pops pretty much broke even, and mom, well, better luck next time.Kozan is owned by my uncle’s cousin, the Uchi’s. Funny thing is, I don’t even know the first name of Keiko Uchi’s husband — we’ve always called him “Uchi-san.” He runs the sushi bar (excellent sushi btw), and he is one of the most generous people I’ve met.

Uchi-san doesn’t speak much English, so it’s always a good opportunity to practice my Nihongo. He always gets excited whenever we talk about Vegas or gambling.

My uncle’s told us that even though Uchi-san doesn’t understand much English, he sure can read and understand a Racing Forum quite well. With the Kentucky Derby next week, Uchi-san showed us his horse betting papers, all neatly folded and organized in manilla folders. He said he’s been into horse racing since his younger days in Japan.

Anyways, the sushi was great, and of course it’s always nice getting the extra stuff like aka kabu and an awesome ika appetizer. Hey Sue, no tebasaki chicken this time.


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