The big picture

John Ashcroft has his supporters and detractors, but here’s a funny analogy in which he explains the difference between Senate and presidential leaders — from today’s Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Ashcroft said a president had to avoid the Senate mindset at all costs because legislative types usually don’t make good leaders–one reason why only two sitting senators — Warren Harding and JFK — have ever been elected president. Mr. Ashcroft likened legislating in the Senate to a demolition derby.

“Senators drive their own idea into the arena and proceed and smash into each other until nothing’s left but a smoking pile of wreckage. Then the Senate old bulls come in and take a fender from a Ford, an engine from a Chevy, wheels from a Plymouth, a transmission from a Honda. The resulting junker is dubbed a ‘consensus,’ and while it won’t win any races, at least it can be said something drives out of the arena.”


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