Summer vacation

I’m late blogging this, but the WSJ’s Peggy Noonan is taking a brief hiatus from her Monday column. She returns in the fall. I’ll miss reading her thoughtful essays.From her last column on April 7th:

The past few months I’ve been working on a book on John Paul II, and now I turn to it and some other endeavors, taking a leave from the Journal. I hope to return to the editors and readers I will miss so much, and mean to as things progress and news happens. But for now, with the war ending and, one of these days, our troops, and journalists, coming home, I turn more to the world of the pope and of the spiritual, which seems the right place to be. A special personal thank you here to my colleague James Taranto, who has long edited these pieces, and who will no doubt soon get a call saying, “James, can I file on that?”


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