Was out in the front yard about an hour ago to grab my Sunday Times off the driveway. Skies were crystal-clear, post-rains, and the sun was throwing off a soft, warm light on my Japanese maple tree. This gave me a feel for what photographers call the “magic hour” — the time around sunrise and sunset when light is ideal for making pictures.It’s been almost twenty-four hours since I went on a Matterhorn bobsled ride on the 91 freeway with my Toyota 4Runner. I walked away unhurt, and luckily no other cars were involved. My SUV is fixable, and my trusted insurance agent, Eric, is already on the case. Felt a little better after learning that the CHP reported over 200 accidents in yesterdays rains. And to think that on Friday I was at Costco to price out a new set of tires…

Today’s beautiful morning reminds me of a quote from Bruce Lee, who was as much a philosopher as a martial arts expert:

“It’s just a case of learning to look at the adversity as if today the rain is coming on strong, but tomorrow, baby, the sun is going to come out again.”


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