The Dodgers’ Eric Gagne needed only nine pitches last night — eight of which were strikes — to save a 2-1 win for Hideo Nomo. From today’s L.A. Times:

Watching Gagne work is usually a treat for the Dodgers, and they said Wednesday’s show topped his greatest-hits list.

“That was about as devastating a save to three hitters that I can recall,” said [Dodger Manager Jim] Tracy, whose club improved to 6-7 in one-run games. “When we’re in the ninth inning, and there’s three outs to go it doesn’t matter who the opponent is.

“He’s not just throwing 97, 98 [mph], he’s mixing it up now, which makes him more dangerous,” [Brian] Jordan said. “He’s throwing that Bugs Bunny changeup on these guys, where they’re looking for 97-mph heat. It’s almost like you have no chance. It’s just unfair.”

Gagne recorded his 11th save (in 11 save opportunities), and his ERA is a staggering 0.51.

By the way, that Looney Toons episode Brian Jordan refers to is a classic.


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