The One

Saw The Matrix Reloaded tonight at The Bridge Cinema (a very nice movie venue). Great entertainment, amazing action, visuals and sound…but lacking the emotional connection of the first movie. Which is to be expected. Kenneth Turan of the L.A. Times writes:

Saying what “The Matrix Reloaded” isn’t turns out to be a lot less complicated: It’s simply not as satisfying as the original.

While the first “Matrix” was enhanced by the classic drama of the making of the hero Neo from humble clay, and the third one [Matrix Revolutions] will presumably have the drive of a powerful can-humanity-be-saved conclusion, middles are almost by definition less compelling and trickier to make involving.

An example of a comparable trilogy that managed to avoid this pitfall is, obviously, “The Lord of the Rings.” “The Two Towers” potentially had similar middle-child problems, but its use of characters like Miranda Otto’s Eowyn and the troubled Gollum to involve our feelings made a considerable difference.

By the way, if you’re willing to sit through ten minutes of closing credits, you can see previews of the next movie, “Matrix Revolutions.” I saw a credit for a “Gag Buyer/Runner” — which gives you an idea why the credits are so long.


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