All heart

From Golf Digest, on last week’s Annika Sorenstam Show.

Other than the Masters in 1997, more eyeballs were affixed to USA Network’s coverage last Thursday-Friday than ever before.

Jack Nicklaus pointed out on Tuesday at Muirfield Village, “It didn’t hurt men’s golf one iota.”

Nicklaus knows, just like everybody knows, that “Annikamania” wasn’t just good for golf. It was awesome for golf.

“I think Annika wanted to find out if she could play golf with men,” Nicklaus said. “I think she found out she did credibly.”

It wasn’t just the way she played golf with men; it was the way she transcended the issues, dealt with the pressure, and carried herself with grace, poise, and unmasked emotion. Even the skeptics, and they deserved to be skeptical, saw the brave heart.

“A lot of guys who came in rolling their eyes did a 180-degree turnaround this week,” said Billy Andrade.

Some checked their egos and got it. Some still haven’t. Those who did should spread the word as Colonial champion Kenny Perry did. “I’ll probably be remembered as the guy who won Annika’s event, but that’s OK by me,” Perry said. “At least I’ll be remembered for something.”

Here’s another nice write-up.


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