Don’t call us

Looks like the Federal government is getting into the act re: telemarketers. At the end of this month, the Federal Trade Commission will start taking consumer requests for a national do-not-call registry.

The federal plan is similar to programs in more than two dozen states where consumers can place their phone numbers on so-called do-not-call registries.

The state laws vary in calling restrictions and penalties for violators. In California, for instance, violators will pay up to $11,000, but charities and political organizations will be exempt.

Since April, when California opened its registry, about 1.1 million of its residents listed 1.9 million phone numbers.

Register for California’s “do-not-call” list by clicking here.

California’s list will be automatically merged with the Federal list — both will be activated October 1, 2003.

More background info on California’s initiative here.


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