Out of beets

As my family and friends know, I have a healthy appetite, and there’s not much I won’t eat. So I don’t know why I don’t like beets…I just don’t like ’em.Sue gave me a hard time once at Thanksgiving because I thought the cranberries were beets.

And at Jockos I always give away the beets in the salad. It even bugs me that the beets put purple stains in the blue cheese salad dressing.

After last night’s Dodger game, Dr. Mike and I went to Philippes for a beef dip sandwich.

On top of the stainless steel counter was a giant pickle jar with a handwritten note taped to it. I thought the note said:

“Out of beets”

At first I thought, “what the heck?” Then the coins dropped…I guess the purple liquid in the jar made my brain think beets, instead of beef.

A few minutes later, I heard someone behind us say:

“Hey, they’re out of beets.”

So it seems I’m not the only one in L.A. who doesn’t like beets.

By the way, we had the pork dip sandwiches.


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