Lucky seven

Today I e-mailed my good friend in Japan, Nagai-san, to say hello and catch up on life since it’s been soooooo long since we last e-mailed.Nagai-san and his wife, Yukie (I always called her “Arai-san”), were former colleagues at WHV Japan’s Tokyo office. I’m so glad we’ve managed to keep in touch over the years, especially as Nagai-san and Yukie have built a new life in beautiful Hakuba, which is near Nagano.

As for the happy dog above, that’s Nana, the third member of the Nagai family. Nana means “seven” and also “lucky,” even in Japan.

One day soon I hope to take Nagai-san’s kind offer to visit Hakuba.

P.S. Check out Nagai-san’s web site:


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