No place like home

Took a quick trip to London last week to visit a client. Time passed quicky.Left LAX Tues. 11am, arrived at London Heathrow airport at 9am Wed., arrived at the office early afternoon and was on an 11am flight on Saturday for home…

…which meant 2� days of actual working time.

So, this explains the lack of blog posts last week.

The trip went very well — we got a lot accomplished, and the folks at the client offices were very cool.

I had a feeling the trip might go well when I heard this funny exchange on Wed. afternoon between Simon, my IT support guy, and an employee who happened to be walking by:

“Hey, Simon, you get that e-mail I sent you?”

“Yes…I deleted it!” (with a smile)

“Cheers!” (with laughter)

Anyways, we’ll be meeting Carol, Michael and Ryan later today for dinner at Kozan, a family favorite. It’s great to be back home.


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