I gave at the office

Looks like the elementary and middle schools don’t waste much time in gearing up their fund raising drives.Just today there were three e-mails in rapid succession from Linda, Cheryl and Lisa re: fund raisers for M&B, E, and Lauren.

…and last week’s e-mail from Jill (for Jake).

I guess I’m lucky that I’m a magazine junkie, although I have my peaks and troughs of signing up and then scaling back when the magazines pile up in the house.

So here’s an extra plug targeting all you potential buyers of magazines, gift wrapping, nuts, chocolates, etc. Click on those e-mail links above and crack open that wallet as it’s all for a good cause!

By the way, when we were kids, life was simple…all we had were P-Nuttles in the red and white striped pop-top cans.

OK, my lunch break is over…class is dismissed.


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