Surfer girl

I haven’t checked the Honolulu Advertiser in a while, so I gave it a quick look to find out what’s going on in the islands.Seems the big news scoop today was Kanoelani Gibson , 2nd runner up at last Saturday’s Miss America pageant:

Kanoelani Gibson caught a wave almost her first day in New Jersey, when all 51 Miss America contestants were guests at a beach home.

Spotting her host’s 12-foot longboard, “I said, ‘Ohhhh, can I go?’ ” Gibson said.

Miss Hawai’i caught those Atlantic waves and a wave of charisma that nearly carried her to the title at Saturday’s televised Miss America finals.

Now life returns to normal, and so, said Gibson, so does the surfing. Ocean City waves will do in a pinch, she said, but it’s not Waikiki.

“They told me I brought the good surf,” she said. “Actually it was junk, all mushy and gray, but they thought it was good.”


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