Hey Opie

On Saturday Sue and I met Carol and Michael at Universal Studios.It was Toyota’s “Fun Day” (or something like that), so we got free park entry and a chance to check out some of the new 2004 models from Toyota, Lexus and Scion (for Toyota employees only, lucky us).

Ryan and Derek were running around the park on their own — why hang out with a bunch of adults?

Maybe it was just me, but the park was really impressive. Seemed like Universal took a few pages out of Disneyland’s playbook — the layout and landscaping were cool, and well done. And lots of staffers looking after the park guests.

Carol and Michael got a head start on the rides; Sue and I joined them on two:

1. The tram ride — It was great seeing the backlot, and we had a funny tour guide (I thought so, anyways). And we got to hear Ron Howard talk about Universal (OK he was on tape).

2. “The Mummy Returns” — Like a walk-through a haunted house. Some really good “surprises” in there (right, Carol?!).

All this makes me want to check out Disneyland again one of these days soon.

By the way, that 2004 Prius looked very cool, although I think everyone’s wondering why the heck I want buy one. Hey, how can you not like a car with Bluetooth technology built in?


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