Last day

Continuing this earlier post, a nice end-of-season Yellowstone journal entry. Anyone who has fly fished there can relate…

November 7, 2004
Steve Hoovler

Today’s the last day to fish in the park for the season, and I had to sneak in for one last shot at a good spawner. I didn’t have much time. So, I went straight to the Barn’s Pools.

I wasn’t really surprised when I found three people in pool #1, but I was pretty suprised to see no one in the cable car pool. I had just about enough daylight for one pass, maybe two.

I tied on my old stand by, a #6 black and purple anything. This time it was a soft hackle streamer.

Half way through the run I had a good pull, but nothing came of it. That was it for the first pass. I was starting to think that I might have to put my spey rod away for the season with the smell of skunk on it.

On the first swing of my second pass I had a trophy 10″ whitefish hit the soft hackle. This wasn’t helping my mood.

Though, thankfully, right about the time it was getting too dark to see, I hooked a nice brown. I managed to get it into shore and it went about 18″. That seemed like the perfect fish to end the season on, and besides, I couldn’t see the end of my rod by this point. So, I called it quits.

From the Blue Ribbon Flies web site.


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