Harris Ranch hunt

Christmas dinner will be at the folks’ place as usual, and after mulling over with the family what I should make, we decided on prime rib, just like last year.Besides, when I asked nephew Ryan at Thanksgiving if I should make prime rib for Christmas dinner, all he said was “Please” — while eating a Lawry’s Diamond Jim Brady cut — and that pretty much settled it.

So, the hunt is on for a 5 bone rib roast — choice cut, loin end, of course — from Harris Ranch, since their beef seems to the tastiest of all I’ve tried. Mom used to order ours from Pacific Market, but unfortunately the new Marukai there doesn’t have a meat department.

Known as the home of great tasting and nutritional beef that is aged to tender perfection, Harris Ranch Beef Company is part of the Harris Farms group of companies.

The Harris family has been farming for over 100 years, and the Fresno County farm has been under continuous family operation since 1937.

In 1937, Jack and his wife, Teresa, founded their own ranch in the San Joaquin Valley, starting out on a previously unfarmed half-section of land and expanding over the years to several thousand acres of prime farm land.

Today Harris Farms is one of the largest integrated farming operations in the Central San Joaquin Valley which is one of the largest and most productive farming regions in the world.

The Harris Family has always taken great pride in their crops and their beef, and raised both to be as pure and great tasting as nature intended.


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