Christmas dinner is on

Just ordered a 4-bone prime rib roast from Alexander Meats in San Gabriel, which carries Harris Ranch beef. Interestingly, the butcher recommended the large end of the roast because it has more flavor — I’ve always heard that the small, or loin end is best.This L.A. Weekly article had high praise for Alexander Meats:

If there were ever a destination butcher in the Los Angeles area, it�s this one, a refuge of old-fashioned culinary values set in the back of Howie�s Ranch Market near San Marino.

The butchers at Alexander Meats, many of whom learned their trade at the legendary Jurgensen�s, will cut up a slab of short ribs or corkscrew a leg of lamb without complaining too much and, given a few hours� notice, will prepare a crown roast of pork lovely enough to make Julia Child sigh.

There are delicious, beyond-organic Shelton chickens; thick-sliced bacon and rather spectacular Lebanon bologna imported from Pennsylvania�s Amish country; beautifully marbled lamb chops; Alpena sausages; and pork that actually tastes like pig instead of wet cardboard.

The gorgeous USDA Prime Spencer steaks and shell steaks, dry-aged in the back of the store, are amazing slabs of meat that consistently grill up better than prime steaks from fancy stores that charge more than twice as much.


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