He’s back

1-2-1…that’s how Tiger Woods finished in this year’s three major championships. Looks like he’s gotten in the last word against those who criticized his swing change.

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland — For Tiger Woods, there was no time to pause and pose when he reached the top of Swilcan Bridge on Sunday. A second British Open title awaited.

Woods strode swiftly across the stone arch, then removed his cap as he walked briskly up the 18th fairway and onto his 10th major championship, a five-shot victory that marked a defiant return to dominance.

“I’ve been criticized for the last couple of years. ‘Why would I change my game?’ This is why,” Woods said. “First, second and first in the last three majors. That’s why.”

Swilcan Bridge played prominently earlier in the week when Jack Nicklaus bid the majors goodbye, stopping there for several minutes in an emotional farewell.

Woods’ crossing was also a goodbye — to the competition.

“He never looked like there was a chance for him to lose,” Nicklaus said from his home in North Palm Beach, Fla., where he watched the final round. “It was a pretty awesome performance.”

From the Associated Press.


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