Mountain town

This weekend I took a break from Tokyo and went to Hakuba to visit Nagai-san and his wife Yukie. Hakuba, which is in Nagano prefecture, hosted several events at the ’98 Winter Olympics.What’s distinctive about Hakuba is that it’s located at the base of the mountain range, known as the Japan Alps, so the mountains are literally right in front of you. Nagai-san’s house has a awesome view, by the way.

On Sunday we visited a nearby ski area called Goryu (picture above), which was 5 minutes away. Many people (mainly obasans and ojisans) were on the hiking trails. We also came across a Tetsuo Kikuchi photo exhibition — he had some great shots of the Hakuba mountains.

It was mainly a weekend to relax, eat, discuss some business, and walk their two Shiba dogs, Nana & Fuku. I’m looking forward to my next visit there.


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