Not just hamburger

On Wednesday we had lunch at a place in Shibuya called “Gold Rush”. Their specialty is hamburger — patties served on a sizzling hot, cast-iron plate with sides of veggies and of course, gohan.Gold Rush’s menu offers many ways to order hamburger — with cheese, bacon, etc. The big show stopper is when the waiter brings your food to the table, kindly asks you to hold your napkin up to shield yourself from the plate, and then pours the gravy over the patties, creating a huge, loud mass of sizzle and steam.

Hamburger is quite popular in Japan, and even has a different katakana than the typical patty + bun version:

ハンバーグ (ha-m-baa-GU), not ハンバーガー (ha-m-ba-GAA, as in McDonalds).

I found all of this quite facsinating.

For dinner we took the Yamanote train to Ebisu, very famous for ramen, I was told. We went to a cool ramen shop called Kazuki, and ordered their shio ramen (you have a choice of thin or fat noodles), which came with slices of pork and the usual veggies. And with a side of gyoza and a cold glass of nama Yebisu beer, I was one happy camper.

This web site maps out some of Ebisu’s famous ramen shops.


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