Catching up

Been jammed for the past few days, but been wanting to post these pictures from our dinner in Niigata…at a restaurant called Gin Rei.They offered a great deal: for 3,200 Yen you can order anything from a 40+ item menu for 2 hours.

Although the dinner was good value, the quality of the food was amazing.

Some photos are blurry…I blame the beer & sake.

Noppe (のっぺ), a local nimono (にもの) type dish.

Awesome sashimi.

A special squid dish…kinda frozen, with miso in the center. Salty, so good with beer, I guess.

Kaki furai (かきフライ). Had two orders of these.

Their buri daikon (ぶりだいこん) was good too.

Today’s specials — the aji sashimi (あじさしみ) was awesome.

Sake (酒) sampler. The chart ranks the sake — dry or sweet, etc.

Finished with some tsukemono.


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