Parade of food

Some more shots from this month’s trip to Japan…Tea & cake from the concierge team at Park Hotel Tokyo.

Washoku (和食) in Tokyo at the Shinagawa Sunroute Seaside Hotel. The natto was really good — very fresh, and it didn’t smell like the natto they sell in the U.S.

Tonkatsu (とんかつ)at Maisen in Harajuku (I ate one piece, then remembered to take the picture!).

This sign directs you to Maisen. Their tonkatsu is more tender than Katsukura, but I prefer Katsukura’s side dishes, sauce and atmosphere.

Chanko nabe (ちゃんこ鍋) in Osaka (before we put it in the hot pot). This is what the sumo guys eat…now I understand why they are so large.

Special sashimi plate at Kaiyoutei (海陽亭) in Tottori, a coastal city on the Sea of Japan side of the main island.

Tottori is famous for a special crab called matsubagani (松葉がに). This was hands down the best, freshest crab I ever had…unbelievable. I took this shot just before we put the crab in the pot, or nabe.

Matsubagani nabe — the dashi was GOOD!

Grilled matsubagani.

Hambaagu (ハンバーグ) at Gold Rush, in Shibuya. The best hambaagu I’ve had in Japan.

I wrote about the sizzling plate in this September post.
OK, so it’s not exactly a low calorie meal.

I really enjoyed this hambaagu too — at Bikkuri Donkii (びっくりドンキー) in Osaka. Like Gold Rush, the restaurant interior had an American theme.


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