East Coast swing


My one-night trip to Washington D.C. has turned into a multi-city East Coast trip. Arrived in Boston yesterday evening…the picture above is Newberry Street, walking distance from my hotel in Copley Place.

Yesterday’s sunny weather in D.C. turned into a foggy mess today. In spite of that, I can see what a neat city Boston is, and why it’s such a popular place to visit.

Since I hadn’t planned on such a long trip, I picked up some new clothes at J.Crew…and saved the 8.25% extra I would have paid in California, since Massachusetts does not charge sales tax on clothes.

One thing that’s been nice to see were the fall colors, both here and in D.C. It gives one a real feeling of the change in seasons, and of the Holidays, which are just around the corner.

Will move on to New York on Tuesday, Detroit on Tuesday evening, and then home on Wednesday at 5:30pm.


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