Our family dinner

Everyone had a great time at our 4th annual Thanksgiving dinner at Lawrys. The first round of cocktails got everyone into the holiday spirit, and even Mom had a lemon drop martini and a couple sips of my cabernet during dinner (since red wine is good for your health, so she said).

One of the funnier moments was when cousin Alan shared his recent dream about shrimp — in his usual animated way — because he hadn’t eaten shrimp in a very long time. So, on the way to Lawrys he asked Jennifer if they served shrimp cocktail…which they did, so we had two orders, and it was very good.

As usual, Lawrys was totally packed, and those without a reservation were waiting 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

This year I had the combo: prime rib & turkey, and sides of mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and creamed corn, and of course a baked potato…which probably explained why I didn’t have any dessert at Mom & Pop’s place afterwards, and instead took a nap in Sue’s room.

A big thank you to uncle for treating us to another great Thanksgiving dinner!


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