Fight on


With all the debate whether USC or Michigan belongs in the BCS title game, thought I’d check some of Michigan’s online newspapers to see what they thought about it.

Couldn’t find much, as a lot of the coverage was on Bo Schembechler’s recent passing, but this column from the Michigan Daily was funny, especially the shot at UCLA:

“I can promise you this,” Carr said. “The first time that Bo Schembechler will ever cheer for Notre Dame will be this Saturday.”

Bo was a Michigan Man, and there are some things in sports that Michigan Men just don’t do.

Talk during someone’s back swing.

Steal a catcher’s signs.

And root for Notre Dame.

Well, for this week and this week only, I want you to root for Notre Dame.


If you want any chance of watching the Wolverines play for a national title, the Trojans have to lose, and Notre Dame has the best shot at beating them.

I mean, UCLA has a chance in two weeks, but let’s be honest, do you trust the Bruins?

But Michigan fans remain hopeful, as seen in this poll which asked, “Will there be a Michigan-OSU rematch in January?”

Update: Michigan falls to No. 3 in BCS standings.


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