USC 32, Michigan 18


We had the USC-Michigan game on at the folks’ place today, and although it wasn’t the main attraction, cousin Ron kept tabs on the total score to see if he hit his bet (no such luck).

It’s supposed to be the ocean that smacks up against you in these parts, but on Monday it was the Southern Cal defense that crashed like waves against Michigan quarterback Chad Henne, over and over, chasing him, knocking him down, until you half expected some “Baywatch” lifeguard to come flying out of the stands to save him.

They lost the game. They lost the argument. The Wolverines can no longer claim they were robbed of a national championship bid. Not when they began 2007 looking nothing like the team of 2006. They were outpassed. Outdefensed. Outrun. With a little over five minutes left, the Trojans’ portion of the crowd (you know, the folks who looked happy) began to chant “Over-rated! Over-rated!”

From the Detroit Free Press.


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