Format war headlines


HD DVD came out quite well in the press, in spite of some over-the-top PR messaging by Blu-Ray:

“More than 300 more titles are expect to be released over 2007 with an anticipated revenue of some $600m. Not bad. Most impressive of all, it was claimed that HD DVD is enjoying an adoption rate of 28 movies per player per year, which again is very similar, if not better than, DVD’s initial figures.” — Tech Digest

“It all seems pretty smart and it is clear that HD DVD has firmly established itself in the HD market. Now its up to Blu-ray to knock it off its perch – something that will be extremely difficult using a more complicated, more expensive technology.” – Tech Digest

“Toshiba has sold over 60,000 HD DVD players so far in the in the US. Microsoft sold over 40,000 of its Xbox 360 external HD DVD drives in November alone, so HD DVD penetration is well over 100,000 in the US and climbing. And unlike PS3 sales, which don’t necessarily indicate high-def penetration, anyone buying these HD DVD products is unequivocally doing so to spin HD DVDs.” – Ultimate AV

This all raises urgent questions for Sony Corp. which has made an expensive company wide bet on the success of Blu-Ray as a mass market business and PS3 as the main vehicle to launch the format. The stakes are huge. Blu-Ray is in a VHS vs. Beta type struggle for market supremacy with another high def player and software format called HD DVD, backed by Microsoft, Toshiba and others, that has stand alone decks retailing for roughly half the cost of the Blu-Ray players. HD DVD software and hardware are also easier to manufacture and less expensive for consumers than Blu-Ray. – Hollywood Today

The Blu-ray Disc Association has wasted no time, issuing a statement that it is victorious as the premiere high definition format of choice. Check out our live coverage of the BDA press conference going on right now for more propaganda/truth (depending on your viewpoint). — EngadgetHD


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