Class: Day 3

Overall, I’m very impressed with this Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A) class — the curriculum is comprehensive, and the instructors are very knowledgable. It’s also great that The Wharton School has a building dedicated to its executive education program. Everything is in one building: the auditorium/classroom, dining hall, guest room…and even a full bar on the 5th floor!

The guest rooms are nice…looks like a hotel room, with a color TV, and even a Dell PC with a broadband internet connection.

My classmates (about 60 people total) are all very cool…very talented, but down to earth with a sense of humor (nearly everyone, anyways). We have representation from major companies like Johnson & Johnson, Aetna Insurance, Novartis Pharmaceutical, and small to medium sized companies.

It’s Wednesday 1:45pm so we are “over the hump.” One more day of late evening class (7 – 10pm). We wrap up on Friday by lunchtime.


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