For “I Love Lucy” fans

Bob Carroll Jr., “I Love Lucy” writer, died Saturday. He was 88 years old.

Here’s a classic clip from the episode called “Job Switching,” which aired on September 15, 1952 (also known as the “Candy Factory” episode):

From the Los Angeles Times:

Bob Carroll Jr. and Madelyn Pugh Davis were walking down a street in Hollywood one day in the 1950s when they noticed a pizza maker in the window of an Italian restaurant tossing pizza dough into the air — nothing out of the ordinary.

But for the comedy writing team of Carroll and Davis, two of the three original writers on Lucille Ball’s top-rated “I Love Lucy” TV series, it was potential gold.

“Bob and I looked at each other and said, ‘Ah-ha!” Davis recalled this week. “We called Lucy, and she came down and went in and the guy taught her how to do that, and we used that on the show.”

“Mom always credited her gifted writers with the unprecedented success of ‘I Love Lucy,'” Lucie Arnaz told The Times in a statement. “She would tell anyone who’d listen that without the ‘black stuff,’ as she referred to the meticulously detailed and specific stage directions for some of their most classic episodes, that she could never have given birth to those laughs that have become legend.

“No one was more responsible for the joy ‘I Love Lucy’ has brought to millions than Bob Carroll Jr. and Madelyn Davis, who first brought those classic ideas to the page. What a wonderful legacy to leave to the world.”


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