Pop’s birthday dinner

On Sunday evening we took Pop out to Torafuku for his birthday dinner. I’ve written before that Torafuku is my favorite Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles.

The one dish they were out of was “hon maguro kama” (blue fin tuna collar), a picture of which you can see via the above link.

The sake was great: koshi no kambai, from Niigata prefecture.

As usual, the food was excellent, and it was a very enjoyable evening. We’ll have to go back there for another family dinner one day soon.


2 responses to “Pop’s birthday dinner

  1. Is blue fin tuna collar ocean or fresh water fish?Sounds if the Torafuku is a pretty exotic restaurant,correct?

  2. Ocean fish. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_bluefin_tuna.
    Yes I suppose Torafuku is exotic/authentic as they serve much more than tempura and teriyaki, though they have some of that too.

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