Free 411

In just 18 months, Jingle Networks, operator of the 1-800-FREE411 service has captured 6% of the $6 billion 411 market.

The reason it’s a $6 billion market is because directory assistance calls are expensive — $1 and up.

Jingle Networks must be on to something, because according to TechCrunch, they’ve raised a boatload of cash ($60 million), and have made AT&T nervous enough that they’ve started their own free 411 service.

The only difference between 1-800-FREE411 and normal 411 is that you have to listen to a 15-second ad before you’re connected, which the Jingle Networks folks claim is the same amount of time you’d wait anyway during a normal 411 call.

Learn more about 1-800-FREE411 (800-373-3411) from its web site.

From TechCrunch.


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