New Dodger Stadium parking


Starting this season, leaving a Dodger game in the 7th inning to “beat the traffic” may no longer be a valid reason…

…this season the free-for-all to get in and out of the stadium should give way to a more orderly system.

As for the pinch, ouch. Parking has gone up from $10 to $15.

“We are doing everything in our power to make the parking situation better,” Dodgers owner Frank McCourt said Tuesday. “It costs money to do that. We will invest the proceeds into solving the problem.”

The concept they introduced ā€” known in transportation circles as controlled zone parking ā€” should make the mass entrances and exits less chaotic and, with hope, faster. Many a Dodgers fan has endured the frustrating experience of sitting through the first inning in parking-lot gridlock.

Everyone except season-ticket holders must exit from the same gate they enter, and cars will be directed by attendants to park in specific spaces. Previously, cars could circle the stadium to find a lot and space near their seat regardless of which of the four gates they had entered.
McCourt said parking problems would be eased if there were public transit to the stadium. The Dodgers are working with government agencies to begin the process.

“Ultimately, the big thing is robust public transit,” he said. “But that is going to take awhile.”

From the Los Angeles Times.


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