The price of success

During dinner at Azuma the other night with Dr. Mike and Cliff, we talked about the price of success in today’s society — although the Sapporo beers made my memory of that conversation a bit fuzzy.

Having said that, this piece titled “Looking Beyond the Brass Ring,” from the New York Times seems to sum up the pros and cons quite well:

I would never for a moment dream of [saying] … that high achievement isn’t a good thing. Success — pretty big success — is increasingly a necessary thing, because life in many parts of the country has become so extraordinarily expensive.

But I would also advise them against buying into the magical belief that doing everything just right will pave the way to the best kind of life.

“Even those who are doing extraordinarily well, the ‘happy warriors’ of today’s ultracompetitive landscape, are in danger of emerging a bit less human as they try to keep up with what may be increasingly unrealistic expectations,” the authors, who include Harvard’s dean of admissions, write.

“[T]he only road to real success is to become more fully oneself.”

“The best and brightest” is a concept that really ought to be retired in favor of the good.

From The New York Times (Times Select – paid subscription required).


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