Film to beat this summer


Spider-Man 3 smashes box office office records in Japan, in its world premiere on Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Times’ Kenneth Turan gave it a lukewarm review, however.

Certainly acceptable as a sequel to a sequel, “Spider-Man 3” misses an opportunity to be a movie that could be wholeheartedly recommended to those not already ensnared in its web.

Though aspects of it are entertaining, the presence of all these mismatched pieces give “Spider-Man 3” an ungainly, cumbersome feeling, as if its plot elements were the product of competing contractors who never saw the need to cooperate on a coherent final product.

“We always have a choice,” Peter says at one point, delivering one of this film’s numerous uplifting messages. Here’s hoping that the choice about whether to make yet another “Spider-Man” is based on more than the almighty bottom line.

I’m sure it’ll rake in tons of tickets sales here, too.


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