Less is more


This mornng I asked Patsy and Russell where we should try for dinner next, and we agreed on Gardena Ramen.

After Googling Gardena Ramen, I found a ramen blog that raved about it:

Sole chef and proprietor Isao Nakamura’s little ramen shop with the unlit sign is exactly like something you would find on a nondescript sidestreet in Tokyo.

His shoyu ramen is a complex (the key word here) concoction derived from torigara (chicken bones), genkotsu (pork knuckle), and niboshi (dried sardines).

It is slightly opaque and just a tad too salty, but flavorful in impossibly distinctive ways. It is sweet yet savory. Rich yet light. The product of trial and error, until Nakamura-san found the exacting flavor he was looking for.

Russell said they only serve two types or ramen: shoyu (しょうゆ) and miso (みそ).

Can’t wait to try it!

Gardena Ramen
1840 W. 182nd St.
Torrance, CA
(310) 324-6993

From rameniac (ラーメニアック).


3 responses to “Less is more

  1. Michael and I have frequented Gardena Ramen for dinner several times. Work friends have enjoyed our lunches there as well. Very good ramen!

  2. Carol, so you do guys like shoyu or miso?

  3. I’ve only tried the shoyu; Michael likes the miso.

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