Improved parking

In April I wrote about the opening day parking fiasco at Dodger Stadium.

That problem now seems to be fixed.

The parking lot at Dodger Stadium is not only working again, but it’s better than ever.

Nobody wants to admit it, so I guess I should.

Frank McCourt has survived the biggest single public relations nightmare of his tenure with 65-mph colors.

“We got whacked around a lot, but the fans spoke out, and we listened,” he said.

Since opening day, they have tweaked the new system by adding many more attendants, city workers and cameras, and have reopened the Scott Avenue gate.

They have also learned to be more flexible, responding closer to outside traffic patterns, being unafraid to change flow at the drop of a fender bender.

“We’re not declaring victory yet, but right now we’ve improved every aspect of the old system,” McCourt said. “It’s easier to get in, and easier to get out.”

McCourt has even instituted a contest among workers to set the record for clearing the parking lot. So far, the fastest recorded time is 21 minutes.

Which is also the approximate wait for that hot dog, which is the last of the major stadium issues facing McCourt, and he knows it.

“The concession lines are next,” he said, and we’re holding him to it.

From the Los Angeles Times.


One response to “Improved parking

  1. “Better than ever?” What a laugh! Wonder how much McCourt paid Plaschke to write this nonsense. See the 5/26 letter to LA Times Sports section on page 2.

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