A Father’s Legacy

If you have a Wall Street Journal online subscription, I highly recommend this article from their Weekend Edition, “A Father’s Legacy” — it’s a heartrending yet inspiring read, and fine tribute to a father’s love for his children.

Update: excerpt added.

As a girl, my wife spent hours playing in her father’s law office. She cheered with him at Denver Bronco games, hiked with him in the Colorado foothills and tagged behind him on the links, carting a child-sized set of clubs. In photographs beside him, she looks like the happiest girl in Colorado Springs.

The attention he bestowed upon his daughter made it all the harder for her to lose him to a sudden illness when she was 8. A quarter-century after his death, she still can’t talk about her dad without crying.

Yet even as her sleep remains haunted by dreams of him alive, his eight-year reign helps explain why my wife functions with a degree of confidence that humbles me. In her mind, she remains his princess. “He was a wonderful father,” she says.

The first time I heard her speak about her father I understood that she was in love with him, and at that instant I started falling in love with her.

As she gushed about how he had played baseball for a farm club of the Chicago White Sox, how his prosecutorial skills had won him a prestigious award from the U.S. attorney general, how he had posthumously been named one of the outstanding lawyers in Colorado history, what I heard was elation over how much he had loved her.

It occurred to me his greatest achievement had been as a father.


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