About China

In the past few weeks it seems that I’ve seen more stories about China such as toxic toothpaste, a recall of Thomas & Friends toys, slavery and child labor, and a massive tire recall.

And then today’s L.A. Times story about Chinese youth and their disinterest in Marxist philosophy, in spite of living in a communist society:

“The main reason Chinese officials and scholars do not talk about communism is that hardly anybody really believes that Marxism should provide guidelines for thinking about China’s political future,” he wrote. “The ideology has been so discredited by its misuses that it has lost almost all legitimacy in society….”

“The students I know generally don’t accept Marx as the best ideological foundation for modern China,” said one student at a prestigious Chinese university. “Marx in China is only a flag used by different kinds of persons.”

“Then, what is the ideological foundation for modern China? I think no one can give a satisfied answer.”

Added the student: “You’d better not use my name.”

Talking over tea at the Education Ministry’s modern offices in central Beijing, education official Zhou laughed a bit about today’s students.

“They don’t believe in God or communism,” he said. “They’re practical. They only worship the money.”

Is the lack of a religious and political value system — combined with a mad pursuit of money — creating a moral vaccum in China, resulting in some of the defective products we’ve seen in the news lately?


2 responses to “About China

  1. I could not believe the life without money, I am sure not only chinese peaple worship the money, also the rest. right?

    Every guy in the whole world is equal, no exception of chinese. So do not only because chinese belongs to communism, then pay special thinking on them, they still are common peaple.

    If u have time please go to china yourself, it has the same land as the rest world, peaple friendly, and biulding flower, air, sky and everything is the same.

    Every thing is the same.

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