In the middle of all the iPhone hoopla, my next cell phone will be a:

Blackberry Curve

For business, I like the Curve’s e-mail, address book and calendar features.

Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist in NYC, is in love with the Curve.


For personal use I like the 2 mega-pixel camera; I’ve come to really value my cell phone camera, as I’ve captured some great shots at parties and other outings.

I also like the Curve’s 2GB mini-SD slot for music, photo and video storage, and I’m curious to compare its user experience versus the iPod.

Wired magazine thinks the Curve has a “kick ass media player in a well rounded package.”

My Verizon contract just expired, and Carol said they’ve been happy with the new AT&T, so the Curve looks like a done deal.


2 responses to “Curveball

  1. How-
    I have been a big fan of Verizon since becoming a customer in 2003. Verizon’s coverage is better up here, and AT&T’s “fewest dropped calls” is a lie (Consumer Reports, Jan. 2007, p. 28). Did you look at the latest Blackberry from Verizon? It is a “world phone”- has GSM AND CDMA in one unit. Kind of expensive to use abroad, but still an option. I know it’s a little late for this, but just wondering if you had looked. I just got a new LG enV (free-new every two). Neat little toy, powerful enough for me. I considered the Blackberry, but I really don’t need the data (email, internet) part. Erick

  2. Hey Erick,

    AT&T has an exclusive on the Curve – at least until end of Sept when T-Mobile will offer it. But, I got great reception at June Lake this weekend – Steve & Coco use Verizon and got no signal…strange. I had reservations too re AT&T, but so far I’m happy. And the Curve is a great phone! Europe is mainly GSM, so I’m OK with a GSM phone – and I have a Japan cell phone for when I travel there. I mainly bought the Curve for its feature set and form factor – it definitely feels like a cell phone, not PDA. You may want to read this too:


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