Always a step ahead

Toyota always seems to have an answer for its rivals:

DETROIT, July 24 — Toyota Motor Company said Tuesday that it was testing hybrid vehicles with rechargeable batteries in the United States and Japan, setting up a direct challenge with General Motors to develop the industry’s first plug-in hybrids.

Toyota’s announcement is its first formal confirmation that it is ready to test plug-in hybrid vehicles, which environmentalists say may prove to be cleaner and more fuel-efficient than current hybrids.

From the New York Times.


3 responses to “Always a step ahead

  1. I like the book and spirit of Toyota way, hope you so:-)
    I like the passage you write in your blog.

    What you wrote always from New York Times.
    May i ask u ? Whether u r a staff in New York Times:-)

  2. Thank you, and yes Toyota is an amazing company.

    No, I’m not on NYT staff – I enjoy reading NYT, one of the best newspapers in U.S. (and Wall Street Journal).

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