Save the planet – drink tap water

After reading this article, I remembered that years ago Cliff promoted tap water over bottled. From today’s New York Times Op-ed:

Here are the hard, dry facts: Yes, drinking water is a good thing, far better than buying soft drinks, or liquid candy, as nutritionists like to call it.

And almost all municipal water in America is so good that nobody needs to import a single bottle from Italy or France or the Fiji Islands.

Meanwhile, if you choose to get your recommended eight glasses a day from bottled water, you could spend up to $1,400 annually. The same amount of tap water would cost about 49 cents.

Next, there’s the environment. Water bottles, like other containers, are made from natural gas and petroleum. The Earth Policy Institute in Washington has estimated that it takes about 1.5 million barrels of oil to make the water bottles Americans use each year. That could fuel 100,000 cars a year instead.

So save the planet and some money – drink tap water.


2 responses to “Save the planet – drink tap water

  1. Hi Howard,
    While Italian Bottled Mineral Waters are the best! (e.g. San Pellegrino…) you are absolutely right! and it’s not the cost that makes the difference it’s the not wasted plastic bottles..
    I would however go even further… don’t use the saved natural gas and petroleum for cars! Get a bike!… far better for the environment… and your health!
    I am actually only waiting for cars that run on tap water!! (haha)


  2. Hi Timmy,
    Sorry, didn’t mean to imply any boycott against San Pellegrino…ha ha. We agree on being ‘green’! I drive a Prius, but I must admit that sometimes I do miss my big truck, ha ha.


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