Adventures at Mammoth

Carol e-mailed from Mammoth with a funny story:

Mom and pop caught 3 fish this morning and mom lost one right when it got in scooping up range. But, this is how the day started for mom and pop.

Pop forgot his hat but I think he knew already so they stopped off and bought one on their way to Convict. Once there, they couldn’t find their reels. Back to the condo to look around – no dice – back to the fishing store (near Shell) to buy 2 Shimano basic reels. Back to Convict.

Once fishing started, they realize they don’t have that many leaders. So on their way back home for lunch, they stopped at the store for a 3rd time.

We’re just chilling out right now (3:35pm) and will have an early dinner.

Today’s weather at Mammoth Lakes is forecast to be 75F and sunny — wish I was there.


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