The one that got away

Talked to Dr. Mike tonight. He said Deano had a huge German Brown trout on Monday morning on the Madison — easily 20+ inches for sure because he saw the tail — but unfortunately after a long fight Deano couldn’t get that stubborn Brown off the river bottom, and the fly popped out.

On the bright side, dry fly fishing on the Firehole has been great.

Since I missed out on the trip, I watched “A River Runs Through It” the other night.

Tight lines!


One response to “The one that got away

  1. I may have made a mistake in estimating Deans spawner. We fished the same hole on Thurs and I caught and landed a nice brown. That was it, no other fish, not even any other hits. That was just like Monday when Dean fought, but did not land his fish. There were no other trout caught and no other strikes. My conclusion: There was only one spawner in that hole and we both caught the same fish. Now how could I miss calculate that tail size, I blame global warming for changing the snow pack which changed the water level in the river which threw off my calculation….or maybe I just had too many Moose Drools.

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